Our Mission

Ai Can Help is a nonprofit organization that donates PPE to the people who need it the most. All of our members volunteer their time and energy and none of us takes a paycheck.

We make every effort to source supplies at the lowest cost without compromising quality. We pool our resources to get front line workers and other vulnerable people the equipment they need at no cost to them.

About Us

Ai Can Help was created in response to the coronavirus crisis by a diverse group of talented professionals stranded at home and wanting to do something to help save lives.

Our core group is united by two passions: the desire to make a difference, and our shared experience as Aikido students. Aikido training teaches us to find peaceful solutions in the face of conflict by remaining centered, calm, and connected. The art of Aikido teaches timely and effective tactics to neutralize an attack.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be able to offer PPE and our know-how to anyone that needs it anywhere in the world.

What Makes Us Different

We source certified PPE and create our own tooling to make custom face shields and other products.
Our face shield mold can make 4,000 pieces a day and we are ready to create duplicate molds as soon as we raise the money.
We have an existing team in China that we have worked with for more than 10 years. They identify and audit factories to ensure that their production quality is state of the art. Then they take the products to 3rd party laboratories to ensure authentic certification.
Our partners in China are NOT making any money from this. They are making everything at cost because they believe in our mission.
We are NOT taking a pay check or inflating the costs of the product, and we’re not earning anything on the products we distribute. All the money we raise goes toward manufacturing and distributing PPE to the people that need it.
We are united by our background as students of Aikido with a desire to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We are highly qualified professionals. Our team includes designers, attorneys, business people, engineers, and healthcare professionals.
Our priority is urgency. We will do whatever it takes to get the products to those who request them as soon as possible. We cut through red tape and bureaucracy while providing quality materials.

Our Location

Our team is from all over the world, but most of us live in South Florida and train together at our home dojo, Florida Aikikai. We have full production and sourcing teams in China and Taiwan

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