Joining Resources • Saving Lives

Why We Need Your Help

We are receiving requests from front line workers all over the world for PPE in quantities of 10,000 to a million pieces at a time. We would love to deliver to everyone that requests protection without delay.

There are many ways to join us and help save lives. You can give your time, expertise, and services. We cannot do anything without funds, so we also depend on your generous financial support.

Our Go Fund Me Campaign

Every dollar we raise goes directly to manufacturing and shipping PPE to the people that need it. We supply doctors, nurses, hospital staff, geriatric care workers, delivery people, airline personnel, and anyone on the front lines of the coronavirus anywhere in the world who needs protection.

We therefore depend heavily on crowdfunding and large donations from investors and corporations to effectively cover our costs without limiting our production and distribution.

Visit our GoFundMe Page:

GoFundMe Campaign

Every social media share and every new connection makes a difference, so we hope that you will join us in our fight however you can. We have orders pouring in from front line workers all over the country.

Providing these products for free gets protective equipment to the people who need it as fast as possible, by removing financial barriers and cutting through red tape.

Join us and Donate your Time, Expertise, Services, and/or Materials