Our Team

Joining Resources • Saving Lives

About Us

Ai Can Help was created in response to the coronavirus crisis by a diverse group of talented professionals stranded at home and wanting to do something to help save lives.

Our core group is united by two passions: the desire to make a difference, and our shared experience as Aikido students. Aikido training teaches us to find peaceful solutions in the face of conflict by remaining centered, calm, and connected. The art of Aikido teaches timely and effective tactics to neutralize an attack.

The Meaning Behind Our Name 

The Ai (pronounced “I”) in our title comes from the word Aikido, which is made up of three Japanese characters that mean “join,” “energy,” and “the way,” which combine to mean “the way of joining (with) life energy.” Ai also means “love” in many eastern languages, including Japanese and Chinese.

The philosophy of Aikido guides us in our efforts as we join forces to battle the worldwide pandemic with positive and immediate action. We each see it as our individual responsibility to take action in this fight, and we provide a means for others to join us and be part of the fight too.

It is by joining together and combining our energy and resources that we can really make a difference. Our group includes inventors, health care workers, manufacturers, lawyers, business owners, therapists, teachers, and investors, and it is open to anyone who wants to help!

Our Core Team

Meet the team that are making this possible.

Cristina Costanzo

Business administrator, entrepreneur, mom, Aikido instructor, and communication expert. Runs her own company training businesses and leaders in how to connect, lead, and influence, using the principles of Aikido.

Maurits Filet

Lawyer in the field of international claims, operating as a bridge between Latin America, North America and Europe.

Helen Reynolds, PhD, LMFT

Family therapist, art therapist, family systems coach, children’s Aikido instructor, with 20+ years experience as an educator and theater artist.

Inna Shapovalov

Attorney with 25 years experience assisting clients from all over the world with complex immigration strategies in U.S. business investments and start-ups, professional visas, consular interviews, deportation/removal, asylum as well as family immigration cases.

Our Extended Team

  • Carlos Danna
  • Sean Doyle
  • Stephan Engelke
  • Jorge del Castillo
  • Mariela Fernandez
  • William Hladky
  • Andre Holmes
  • Bella Lee
  • Xiang Li
  • Omar Morales
  • Lynne Morrison
  • Maurice Pierre
  • Monica Sasaki
  • Daniela Schilman
  • Sara Torzini
  • Steven Yu