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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and What We Offer

Ai Can Help is so much more than a product manufacturer.

We reach out to front-line workers and identify their urgent needs.
We source products from carefully selected and approved suppliers.
We create and manufacture our own products to the highest criteria.
We provide know-how and designs to others in organizations in other countries to replicate our process.
We exchange information and expertise with other organizations to determine the best solutions.
We support the 3D printing community with crucial information and accessories.


We use the donations from our generous sponsors to be able to supply the PPEs to all those in need at no charge and keep this hub of exchange alive!
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ACH Face Shield

The ACH Face Shield consists of two main elements: an injection molded Headband made out of PETG resin, and an optically-clear, anti-fog PET Visor. The two recyclable parts easily snap together and separate. Both parts can be wiped down or sanitized in a bath, together or separately.

The ACH Face Shield is made using the highest quality materials, in an economic and ecologically conscious manner. Wearers can use the same shield repeatedly by sanitizing between uses or by swapping out the visor for a fresh one. Alternatively, wearers can dispose of the shield after use as needed. Our product was developed in response to in-depth feedback from doctors and medics on the front line.

However, it was made urgently and we have not yet completed the certification process. We do not want to slow down the opportunity to get these shields to people who urgently need them now. The ACH Face Shield should be used at the user’s own discretion and in recognition of this condition.

Face Shields Mounting and Care Instructions

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Other PPE Requests

As we continue to receive specific requests we are working to find solutions. Our team on the ground in China is sourcing, auditing, and qualifying factories that we can collaborate with.

As we develop new products we will ensure they have third party testing and certifications when necessary and possible. We may begin to import other types of PPE such as scrubs, gloves, goggles, face masks, surgical masks, and protective suits based on the urgent requests we are receiving.

Please let us know your needs and check back to our site frequently to see new products we have approved.

If you would like any other equipment please describe your needs in as much detail as possible and we will do our best to find a solution.

Join us and Donate your Time, Expertise, Services, and/or Materials

Origins of the Face Shield and Open Source Design

At the onset of the COVID-19 there were many wonderful PPE designs created and shared with the 3D printing community, there were a few face shield designs that stood out for their elegance, practicality and proactive organization, including Prusa’s model, SeeMeCNC, and 3DVerkstan. They were all really amazing, and after careful consideration, we decided to go with the 3DVerkstan due to its limited number of parts, easy separation of elements for exchange or recycling, and great function.

The original Design of this face shield was created by Erik Cederberg / 3DVerkstan and generously distributed open source for the whole community under the Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA.

Peter Solomon of Ai Can Help has thus reworked and improved the model according to feedback from the medical community to improve performance and designed for mass production and injection molding.

Design Improvements

Among some of the improvements:

Extended distance from visor to forehead to accommodate goggles and larger respirators, closing off top more thoroughly to protect against falling liquids, added easier to attach and remove visor pins, adjusted visor for larger more complex coverage of the face, and increase the height for better structure while reducing the mass of plastic for better cost and ecological impact.

– If you want more info on 3DVerkstan, or to download their models please visit: 3dverkstan.se
– If you would like to download our model for 3D printing please visit: [need to put a link]
– If you would like a full production packet of designs and passage of know how to set up a similar production in your region, please contact Peter: peter@ai-can-help.org

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